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Teaching activities

The academic staff of the Department teach a total of 27 courses of the Civil Engineering curriculum, some of which are addressed to all the students of the Faculty and others to those who follow the Hydraulic Engineering option, as well as 2 courses to the Faculty of Rural and Surveying Engineering of NTUA. In addition, they teach 25 postgraduate courses for the Interdisciplinary-Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme on Water Resources Science and Technology, and additional courses for other postgraduate programmes. The staff also supervises final-year students carrying out diploma theses, postgraduate theses as well as PhD dissertations.

Courses offered by the Department

Compulsory courses in bold; electives in normal typeface.

Faculty of Civil Engineering

All options Hydraulic engineering option
  • Ecology for Engineers

  • Introduction to Energy Technology

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Environmental Technology

  • Engineering Hydrology

  • Applied Hydraulics

  • Urban Hydraulic Works

  • Maritime Hydraulics and Harbour Engineering

  • Free Surface Flow

  • Experimental Hydraulics

  • Unsteady Flows

  • Hydropower Works

  • Coastal Engineering

  • Sanitary Engineering

  • Water Resources Systems Technology

  • Irrigation Engineering

  • Groundwater

  • Stochastic Methods in Water Resources

  • Treatment of Water and Industrial Waste

  • Offshore Structures

  • Treatment and Disposal of Domestic Liquid Waste

  • Environmental Impacts of Hydraulic Projects

  • Topics in Harbour Works

  • Computational Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic Structures-Dams

  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics

  • Water Resources and Environmental Systems Analysis

Postgraduate program on Water Resources Science and Technology

Faculty of Rural and Surveying Engineering

  • Advanced Hydrology

  • Water Resources Management

  • Floods and Flood Protection Works

  • Hydrometeorology

  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment Methods

  • Management of Industrial Wastewater

  • Mathematical Modelling of Pollutant Transport and Water Quality

  • Topics in Water Chemistry and Microbiology

  • Management of Aquatic Ecosystems and Sustainable Development

  • Managment of Solid Waste and Sludges

  • Hydrodynamics

  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics

  • Advanced Maritime Hydraulics

  • Numerical Methods in Hydromechanics

  • Turbulence and Boundary Layer Theory

  • Coastal Processes and Coastal Management

  • Urban Hydrology-Urban Hydraulic Networks

  • Water Resources Systems Optimization - Hydroinformatics

  • Maritime Works-Offshore Engineering

  • Small Scale Installations for Wastewater Treatment

  • Soil Erosion, Sediment Transport and Deposition

  • Experimental Methods in Sanitary Engineering

  • Groundwater Hydraulics

  • Environmental Impact of Hydraulic Projects

  • Special Topics

  • Ecology

  • Sanitary Engineering and the Environment

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