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Research activities

The members of the Department undertake basic and applied research in front-line areas and in important topics of special interest. Research is conducted mainly through funded projects leading to doctorates, diploma and postgraduate theses, and research reports.

The research activities of the Department fall mainly in the following areas:

  • Hydrological analysis and assessment of water resources in Greece.
  • Modelling of hydrological processes; forecasting of and protection from extreme hydrological events; radar hydrology; climatic change and hydrological impacts; hydrological design of structures; water resources technology and management.
  • Mathematical modelling of flow and mixing phenomena in surface waters.
  • Environmental, coastal and maritime hydraulics.
  • Physical modelling of environmental flows and open channel problems.
  • Physical modelling of hydraulic and harbour works.
  • Quality and pollution of surface and subsurface waters, seas and coastal waters.
    Support of the management of the Athens water resource system
  • Response of aquatic ecosystems to pollution; environmental management; environmental impact of major works and activities; legal and institutional framework; sustainability parameters.
  • Hydraulic works, dams and hydropower stations.
  • Treatment of water, sewage and industrial effluents; disposal of liquid and solid wastes.
  • Port, coastal and offshore engineering.
  • Measurement and analysis of hydrological, hydraulic, oceanographic and water quality data.
  • Development of data banks for the hydrological, meteorological, environmental and ecological information in Greece; data processing and management.
  • Application of informatics, remote sensing and geographic information systems in water resources.
  • Development of software packages for problems of water resources, environmental fluid mechanics, quality of recipients, and operation of hydraulic works.

The annual inflow of research funds to the Department exceeded the amount of 1.2 MECU in 1992, and since 1997 remains over 1.8 MECU (million EURO. The Department is consistently first among the departments of the Faculty of Civil Engineering regarding the inflows of research funds and third (on the average) in comparison with all departments of NTUA during the 1990s.

Rainfall measurement using radar
Wastewater treatment studies
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