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Four laboratories function within the Department.

The Laboratory of Applied Hydraulics, deployed in an experiment hall of about 1000 m², is equipped with a recirculating water supply system with a capacity of 200 L/s that covers the needs of flumes, basins and other experimental apparatuses. An area is reserved for physical models of dam spillways and related hydraulic structures. In addition to conventional measuring devices, the laboratory possesses a Laser-Doppler anemometer and a system for digital signal processing. There are also computer facilities for mathematical modelling and simulations.

Jet diffusion over inclined bed

Wave basin in the Laboratory of Harbour Works

The Laboratory of Harbour Works houses two wave flumes and two basins 25×27 m with random wave generators, in an area of about 5 000 m². Instrumentation includes measuring equipment for laboratory work, current and wave recorders, and a data acquisition and processing system for field studies.

The Laboratory of Sanitary Engineering has the necessary equipment to carry out conventional as well as specialised analyses for the assessment of the quality of the aquatic environment and of liquid wastes. The laboratory is equipped with the necessary computing facilities to support its activities. Pilot scale units are in operation, simulating the main processes for liquid and solid wastes treatment.

Water quality studies

Spatial integration of rainfall (National data bank for Hydrological and Meteorological Information)

The Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Resources is equipped with modern computing facilities including workstations and personal computers as well as instruments for hydrological and meteorological measurements. The Laboratory operates two automatic rain gauge stations in the NTUA campus at Zographou, Athens; their measurements are directly being available on the Internet. (here and here). The Laboratory has studied and developed a national data bank of hydrological and meteorological information of Greece, in co-operation with all relevant national organisations.

The facilities of the Department include an amphitheatre of 150 seats, a committee room, a reading room and a lending library allowing data bank retrieval. A PC Lab of 20 seats and a teaching room of 30 seats are also provided for the needs of the postgraduate programme Water Resources Science and Technology.

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