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Dr Memos’s research interests include conventional and probabilistic water wave mechanics, port structures behaviour under seismic action, wave interaction with submerged coastal structures. He has conducted an array of basic and applied research projects on these and related topics and led extensive physical and mathematical modelling projects in research centres such as Wallingford, UK; CEDEX, Spain; Imperial College, UK; NTUA, Greece; TUDelft, the Netherlands. He directed 25 funded fundamental or applied research projects in such topics as those mentioned below, while in 5 more he was member of the research team.

Typical research projects directed by Dr Memos:

  •  Stochastic Representation of Sea Waves in Shallow Waters
  •  Preliminary Investigation for the Upgrading of Tolo Harbour
  •  Delineation of Flood Plain of Acheloos River Downstream of Stratos Dam
  •  Investigation of wave penetration behind submerged breakwaters in a coastal recreational lagoon  near Aqaba, Jordan
  •  Additional investigation on wave penetration and temperature field over Aqaba coastal waters
  •  Numerical modelling of wave, hydrodynamic, and environmental conditions in a coastal zone of Aqaba, Jordan
  •  Integrated study for the investigation of the quantity, quality and recovery of the underwater spring of the Stupa region in Municipality of Lefktros, Messinia district, Greece
  •  Propagation of dambreak waves along Acheloos river
  •  Propagation of extreme waves in Aliakmonas river
  •  Ancient Hellenic Ports data bank "LIMENOSCOPE"
  •  New thermal power plant in Crete, Greece - Additional research and scientific support
  •  Thermal diffusion in marine environment and optimisation of feasible harbour works in a thermal power plant, Crete, Greece
  •  Stability of Rubble-Mound Port Works on Soft Soils in a Seismic Area - Case Study: Breakwater of  Patras Port
  •  Surface water waves due to landslide and application to Asomata reservoir
  •  Investigation of flood waves along Arachthos river
  •  Theoretical and analytical investigation of the interaction between surface waters and groundwater
  •  Non linear Boussinesq – type wave models
  •  Kinematics inside porous submerged breakwaters
  •  Upgrading of a dry bulk loading facility for an industrial compound in Mantoudi, Evia.
  •  Three – dimensional sediment transport behind coastal structures
  •  Wave data of Greek seas



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