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Academic staff


Associate Professors

Assistant Professors


  • S. Azorakos, Dipl. Civil Engineer Univ. of Thessaloniki, Dr Ing. Rhein.-Westf. Technische Hochschule Aachen, azor@otenet.gr.
  • S. Malamis, Civil Engineer Imperial College, MSc Univ. Oxford, MSc, Dr. Eng. NTUA
  • I. Papakonstantis, Dipl. Civil Engineer Democr. Univ. Thrace, PDS, Dr. Eng. NTUA, elgpap@hydro.ntua.gr

Emeritus Professors

  • Th. Xanthopoulos, Dipl. Civil Engineer NTUA, Ing. Dipl. ENSEEIH Toulouse, Dr Ing. École Nationale Polytechnique de Toulouse
  • E. Kalkani, Dipl. Civil Engineer NTUA, MSc και PhD Purdue University, MSc Stanford University, kalkanie@central.ntua.gr

Former Professors

  • E. Aftias
  • M. Bonazountas
  • A. Katsiri
  • C. Memos, Dipl. Civil Engineer NTUA, Dipl. in Mathematics Univ. of Patras, DIC and PhD Imperial College, C.Memos@hydro.ntua.gr
  • N. Moutafis, BSc University of London, MSc and PhD University of Aston Birmingham, nmoutafis@hol.gr.
  • I. Papadimitrakis
  • J. Stephanakos, Dipl. Civil Engineer NTUA, MSc and PhD Imperial College, jstef@tee.gr


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